About Merit Tech

pic about Merit Tech is a medical technology service providing solutions for physician offices, clinics, and hospitals for their dictation/transcription, electronic health records and document storage needs.

Let our team of experts deliver the data solutions you are looking for... more


Products & Services

pic products & services Merit Tech opens a new channel of communication between dictation/transcription and Electronic Health Records (EHR)..  HIPAA compliant digital voice technology is used to provide a secure, efficient and quality product that enhances the needs for the client... more


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

pic products & services The government is mandating adoption of electronic health records technology. The Trio EHR provides CCHIT certification for stimulus eligibility with meaningful use, low cost to get up and running, and customization for easy to use operation.... more or click to view our Free Demo


Contact Information and Career Opportunities

pic contact Contact us to learn how Merit Tech can provide solutions to your medical practice needs.  See how our team atmosphere makes for an exciting career
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