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Merit Tech opens a new channel of communication between dictation/transcription and Electronic Health Records (EHR). HIPAA compliant digital voice technology is used to provide a secure, efficient and quality product that enhances the needs for the client.

  1. Dial-In System allows client versatility to dictate digital voice from any phone
  2. HIPAA compliant secure site for adhering to current laws and regulations
  3. Software interfaces with clients existing hardware
  4. Quality control mandated by medical terminology experts which provides superior accuracy
  5. 24 hour turn around time for efficiency
  6. Customer support team insures peace of mind
  7. All files are secure in 128-bit encryption form

HIPAA compliance and protecting the privacy of medical records is a subject of utmost urgency. As a result, at Merit Tech we implement a strict policy. All transcription performed on behalf of our clients must be completed within the United States and is therefore protected under Federal Law.

In addition to our transcription service we also provide:

  1. Data storage services, which delivers solutions that address the Paperwork Reduction Act, DOD 5015.2 Records Retention Schedule, Electronic Signatures, and Section 508 Legislation by utilizing our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.
  2. Software to interface with existing systems and provide workflow solutions

To learn about HIPAA Compliance visit our information page on HIPAA
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For information on the Paper Reduction Act visit this web site : Paperwork Reduction Act

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